Monday, January 7, 2013

Tweets Of The Week for January 7th 2013

Pro wrestlers are known for being the absolute best or the absolute worst when it comes to social media. But I decided I wanted to highlight some of the week’s best in a column that I call “Tweets Of The Week”, a compiled list of all of the 140 character maximum postings by pro wrestlers that made me laugh, made me think or made me question why I ever loved two people rolling around in tights in the first place. So let’s start it off.

#5: Robert Evans reiterating the fact that he is a true renaissance man. (Wrestler turned barrister manager of wresters, turned marching band wrestler, turned Mixed Martial Arts wrestler, turned cowboy wrestler, turned screenwriter)

#4: The monstrous Mr. Touchdown working on possible rehabilitation. Keep a close eye though.

#3: I give you the light sense of humor of William Regal.

#2: Chuck Taylor explains it better and more succinct than I ever could.

And at #1: I know I’m already breaking the rule for this column the first week in, but the “Tweet Of The Week” is actually gonna be “Tweets Of The Week” courtesy of the Ring Of Honor World Champion Kevin Steen. This past Saturday in Baltimore was the most recent Ring Of Honor TV Tapings, and throughout the night, Steen kept his Twitter followers updated with all of the weird on goings occurring backstage, which birthed these gems.

And the winner of all tweets for the visual alone:

So there it is, the first week of “Tweets Of The Week”, which I plan on doing every Monday. What are some amazing tweets from pro wrestlers you think I should include? What pro wrestlers are your favorites to follow on Twitter? Leave a comment below answering those questions or to tell me anything else you’d like to see me talk about.

Until then,

The Wrestlefan

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