Monday, March 25, 2013

What Wrestlefan Watched Vol. 2: AIW's Hard Hits And Big Flips

The Aftermath Of A War
Photo by Paul Stratoti

Hello blog readers. Long time no see. Yes, it has definitely been a while since I took the time to type some of my heads inner workings onto here. I wont come up with some elaborate excuse as to why I haven’t posted. My schedule has been ridiculously crazy and I have been doing a lot of cool things, so much so that I haven’t shown this blog any love in a while. First of all, I got to write for an awesome website called “The Mandible Claw”, curated by the great Danielle Matheson. I also wrote an excerpt for Danielle’s acclaimed “Best & Worst Of TNA Impact” column for With Leather. So go check out both of those through the links below, especially “The Mandible Claw”, which features tons of amazing pieces from awesome people. I am still in shock that a couple paragraph piece I wrote about the douchebag “Say Something” guy is on the same website where Chikara’s Ophidian listed his Top 5 bad horror movies. It’s a weird dream of mine that I never thought existed until now. But, the point is, I am here now and I cannot wait to keep writing. So let’s jump right into it.

I have mentioned before on this blog about Absolute Intense Wrestling out of the Cleveland area, and how great they have become at releasing a steady stream of content to their audience through Youtube and other forms of social media. Too many companies fail to embrace their internet community by dolling out content, whether it is in-ring action, promos, teasers etc. But AIW has made sure to not shy away from releasing tons of great videos for their fans, and as of late they have released a couple of full matches from their past events. I gave them a watch and I thought they would be perfect discussion topics for another edition of “What Wrestlefan Watched”.

The first match I witnessed was released by AIW to hype their most recent “Girls Night Out 8” event, which from what I hear was a giant success with it being AIW’s first iPPV. So as a treat, the company released the match between American turned Joshi stars Hailey Hatred & Jenny Rose from “Girls Night Out 6”. I have seen very little of both Hatred and Rose but they definitely opened my eyes with this encounter. This was the first appearance for Jenny Rose in AIW, which made it very difficult for the crowd to get behind her in the early goings, since she would be facing home grown talent in Hatred. Both ladies are the definition of “hard-hitters”, providing some cringe worthy moments, including one of the hardest short arm clotheslines from Hatred that I have seen in a while. Both competitors switched throughout between striking and technical wrestling, and after a series of near falls, Hatred was able to put away Rose with a nasty tiger suplex.