Sunday, May 12, 2013

Retro Reviews: WWE No Way Out 2004 (Bob Holly, Blindfold Matches & Some Guy Won A Title)

So, I am back after a long absence from typing ramblings onto this webpage for all of you to see. I can't really give any excuse other than I just haven't made time for it. But, I just got done with my school semester, so here's hoping some free time allows me to post more stuff on here. And I decided, what better way to come back then to start some "Retro Reviews", where I look back at wrestling events of yesteryear. To start it off, I watched WWE's No Way Out 2004, hailing from the famous Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. So, let's get into it, why don't we!

We start off this show with, of all things, recent Playboy cover girls Torrie Wilson and Sable entering the ring to do an introduction for the PPV. We will obviously get into it a bit later in this show, but WWE really must have had a problem with figuring out how to buy time for their Raw and Smackdown exclusive PPV’s. Not to mention, Sable, while pretty and all, has an ungodly shrill voice. It’s a wonder anyone found it a good idea to actually give her a microphone. This was ungodly bad, but it moved into a very awesome video package that recapped the feud going into the main event between Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar. One of my favorite things about looking back at old shows is seeing these retro hype videos that they would do for PPV’s. They were always my favorite part about the lead-up to a show and WWE really hasn’t matched the ones from this era, in my personal opinion. But besides that, explosions happen, it’s Hugo Savinovich’s birthday, Michael Cole’s tan is weird and we are on with the show.