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My 5 Favorite Things In Pro Wrestling: February 2013

Here's a little something that I plan to do every month on this blog, where I recap some of my favorite wrestlers, moments, companies or pro wrestling related things for the month. As a wrestling fan, there is always something brand new to be found, or a hidden gem that you didn't realize existed until you explored more closely. This is what this post is all about, and I hope this leads you to some cool new things that pro wrestling has to offer you. So, here are my favorite things in wrestling for the month of February, in no particular order.

Photo Courtesy Of Texas Anarchy
Gary Jay:

The St. Louis based, 80's jacket wearing scoundrel by the name of Gary Jay has been a favorite of mine  since I started following his stuff in Anarchy Championship Wrestling. In over a years time, he has grown and developed into a performer that you should definitely be on the look out for. His unique, over-the-top personality has endeared him to the Anarchy crowd for some time now, but it is important to note along with his personality how great of a pro wrestler he is. This last weekend, he showcased this in a phenomenal contest against Texas upstart Barrett Brown, a match that forced the Mohawk crowd, who normally would jeer Gary Jay, to give him a standing ovation for his performance, and rightfully so. The thing I love about all of Gary's matches is the fact that they always seem as if there truly is a fight going on. Gary brings a level of intensity that is very much needed to wrestling matches, and it never looks as if it is two people just stringing together a series of moves. Everything he does is done purposefully, with a great deal of precision and accuracy. Not to mention, he hits harder then just about anyone I have seen on the Anarchy roster, lighting up Barrett's chest with some fiery chops. Also, if you weren't sold on Gary Jay yet, he now comes out to Macklemore's song "Thrift Shop", which is as awesome as it sounds. That man can make anything work.

By the way, the podcast that I am apart of, "The Wrestling Mayhem Show", had the pleasure of interviewing Gary Jay back in June, where we talked his wrestling career, his infamous ring jacket, and the involvement of Mama and Papa Jay in his career. Check it out.

Wrestling Is Art Harlem Shake:

I said this the minute that this video came out, but this was the Harlem Shake to end all Harlem Shakes. Sadly, it did the exact opposite of that and spawned every wrestling company imaginable doing their own, from WWE to TNA to even Shine Wrestling. But this one stands above all of those and goes down in my book as one of the best of this tired, played out meme. I mean seriously, my university did not one, but two Harlem Shakes. It’s gotten out of hand.

But in all honesty, watch Jervis Cottonbelly shake his gentlemanly legs and tell me that doesn’t make you smile, and Blaster McMassive giving chase to a flailing Drew Gulak made me replay the video over and over for hours. Side note, assailANT’s dance moves are a good representation of how I would probably dance in a club, and that is super awkwardly.

Photo Courtesy Of Lyle C. Williams
Addy Starr:

This Canadian daredevil is most known for the work she has done for a wacky promotion called “Inter Species Wrestling”, which features things like Pasquale The Italian Chef, Moo-Hammead The Terrorist Cow and LEGO Deathmatches. Oh Canada, you crazy. But with her time in that company, she has competed in a variety of intense contests, including a great deal of intergender matches. She is one that believes highly in erasing all gender barriers when it comes to wrestling and that is something that I truly respect. She's also a pretty damn good wrestler.

As of late, Addy has been spreading her wings and performing for top companies in America such as Womens Superstars Uncensored and Beyond Wrestling. In fact, tomorrow night she will be making her debut for Absolute Intense Wrestling as apart of their “Climb The Ranks” tournament, starting with a match with Sassy Steph and possibly leading to a 4-Way Ladder Match in the finals. She’s shown in her home promotion that she is comfortable going to the hardcore well, so an upset victory over Stephanie could make Addy an interesting addition into the ladder match. Bottom line is that she hits hard and isn’t afraid to get hit back just as hard, and that has made her one to put on my radar.

Colt Cabana's Art Of Wrestling:

While I have listened to past episode's of the acclaimed Art Of Wrestling podcast, I haven't followed it as regularly as most others have. However, I did have a chance to take some time and listen to Colt Cabana's episode featuring Chikara star and Swamp Monster owner Chuck Taylor, and it was most definitely intriguing. It was nice to hear a much different, more mellow side of Chuck Taylor and get some of his insight on the progression of his career. But then, this last weekend, Cabana did a live taping of his Art Of Wrestling podcast in beautiful Austin, Texas, and I was lucky enough to attend. I must say, I never really developed an appreciation for how funny Colt Cabana could be until that night. Not only did he film a great episode of the Art Of Wrestling featuring Ring Of Honor star Jimmy Jacobs (which is now available to listen to), but afterwards, Cabana joined in on the New Movement Theatre's improv comedy show entitled "The Megaphone Show", and the laughs just kept on coming. Cabana was super nice, surprisingly very funny and created a night I won't soon forget. So thank you Colt, and please come to Austin more often.

Photo Courtesy Of Slamfest Wrestling
Chiva Kid:

This man/goat could have been one of the biggest developments that came from the big celebration known as "National Pro Wrestling Day", back in early February. Chiva Kid was featured as apart of the tag team match for CWF Mid Atlantic, as he teamed with CWF champion Arik Royal against the duo of Ric Converse and Trevor Lee, and this phenomenal athlete took Philadelphia and iPPV by storm that night. I will firmly admit that once I saw the announcement of their matchup, I did not think much of it and expected this contest to be a throw away of sorts. Boy was I wrong. This match-up stole the afternoon card and Chiva Kid's high octane offense made him the star for that show. I went on to research more of Chiva Kid to see if this amazing showing was a fluke, and it absolutely is not. That goat has something going for him, and after his performance many companies are now looking to pick up on his momentum. Chiva Kid recently got signed to work CZW Best Of The Best this year, which whatever one may think about CZW is a big opportunity. He also captured CWF Mid Atlantic's Ultra J Championship at their most recent event, by beating none other than former Ring Of Honor World Champion Eddie Edwards. So keep on the lookout for a flying goat somewhere in your area, because any show he is working is one that you cannot miss.

So, there you have it. Be sure to leave me feedback, telling me if you liked this and would like to see this column every month, and also tell me what your favorites for February were.

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