Sunday, February 24, 2013

ACH: An Appreciation

Ring Of Honor Just Got A Dose Of Attitude, Charisma And Heart

So it’s now become public knowledge to all of the internet wrestling world that “Ring Of Honor Wrestling” has picked up one of the hottest prospects right now on the independent circuit, and that is Texas’s own ACH. He has made a couple appearances in the past for the company that many people consider the #3 wrestling promotion in the United States, appearances including being an entrant in their "Top Prospects" tournament on ROH TV as well as semi-main eventing ROH’s most recent event in Cincinnati, Ohio against former ROH World Champion Roderick Strong. Clearly, ACH was able to do enough and open up the right people’s eyes, because the company has granted the flag bearer for “Attitude, Charisma and Heart” with an official contract.

Once the news had broke, ACH addressed the development in a Facebook post stating,

. . .Hi!
So, I just wanna take this time and say THANK YOU!I don't wanna write out this long post thanking everyone that has helped me.If you know the positive reaction you have had on my life no need for me to say anything. And on this day the "H" in A.C.H has a new meaning... HONOR!


This is ONE giant step for Texas wrestling.  And that is #Motivation 
#WatchRingOfHonor #FreeAgentNoMore”

Could we be seeing this on TV or IPPV sometime soon?

Now, it sounds extremely cliched, but ask someone who's seen a one-off match from ACH or someone who has watched him for years and they will tell you that ACH just radiates star qualities. His over-the-top and contagious personality comes to the forefront in every single one of his matches, and he will undoubtingly show you something that you have never seen before. I remember the first time I witnessed ACH back in December 2011, when I attended my first Anarchy Championship Wrestling show. He had wrestled Pierre Abernathy, someone known much more for his comedic antics then his wrestling ability. However, to my surprise and to the surprise of probably a lot of people in that building, the match was incredibly technical and fast paced. There was absolutely no dull moment, especially when Gary Jay ran in interference, only to get literally snapped in half by ACH's signature "Freebird" crossbody. It was astounding and that match alone made me a fan of his immediately.

But, anyone who watches ACH perform in the ring knows that he is phenomenal. It's all that he does outside the parameters of a wrestling match that makes him one of the best right now. Going with his larger than life personality, ACH is by far one of the most personable people on the independents. I fondly remember him conversing with long lines of people waiting outside of Mohawks before ACW shows, sharing stories and treating each and every one of us like equals, which trust me, we are far from. As much of a confident and brazen character he is in the ring, he is far from cocky and never once has an ego. In fact, one of the many things that the "H" can stand for in his name is "humble". He will never admit how absolutely breath-taking his work is, both because of his humble nature, but also because he does it for no other reason other than he loves pro wrestling.

This past November, he had what only could be described as an epic encounter with one Davey Vega in Live Oak, TX, which goes down in my mind as one of the best matches I have seen this entire year. They hit each other with absolutely everything, performing to such a degree that my heart literally became sore towards the end, and I came close to shedding a tear (Yeah, I said it). Not only that, but this match was held at the "Showtime Scot Summer's Birthday Bash" event, which was a FREE SHOW! These two men gave such a high quality, balls to the wall performance on a show that was entirely free for admission. If that doesn't show both men's love and dedication towards pro wrestling, I don't know what does. And it must be mentioned that ACH gives such a performance, no matter if its in front of a packed Mohawk crowd in downtown Austin, TX, or if its in a building with 50 people in it. He gives 100 percent everywhere he goes, only for the simple fact that he truly loves it.

How long till we see this on a grander stage?

When you see someone that is new, amazing and quite frankly life changing in pro wrestling, you want to share that athlete with the world. And now, instead of doing it for 50 people, or 200 people, he will be doing it on television and IPPV, that way every single person can be as amazed and astonished just like when I saw him wrestle Pierre Abernathy in a bar in downtown Austin. ACH encompasses just about everything a major company would want in a pro wrestler. He works amazingly hard, is always looking to improve, thinks on his feet, connects to everyone from young children to grown adults, and is just a damn good pro wrestler. And because of ROH's smart decision, ACH now has the opportunity to spread his wings, that way a whole lot more than a few hundred will be chanting those three letters and getting their daily allotted dose of #Motivation. So to ACH, congratulations to you on this next big step in your journey and I cannot wait to settle in on a Saturday morning, watch some cartoons, and follow it up by seeing you do what you do best.

Until then,

The Wrestlefan

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  1. ROH did the smart thing here. From my first time seeing him in a 4 way match to standing in the ring with ACW at "Evolution of the Revolution" after he defended his U30 belt. Great blog Eamon.